About The Event

The show was created 5 years ago by 2 local guy’s with a passion for the city and county.

They noticed unlike other counties, Nottinghamshire did not have a show that boasted just how great a city and county we have from wonderful music to fabulous food producers

What started in a field  all those years ago in Beeston, has now grown into a 4 day celebration in the heart of the city taking over the whole market square, king and Queen Street, Long row, Smithy Row with further plans to extend it further


Supporting Macmillan Cancer Support

On September 22nd/23rd/24th/25th 2016 the Great Notts Show returns to Nottingham’s Old Market Square for the celebration of all that is “Great” in our wonderful county. Last year saw over 100,000+ people descend on the show which had an amazing array of food, drink, live music and arts mixed some an amazing selection of local artisan crafts and arts. This year sees the events being extended to take in a bigger bar and stage area with the plans in place to keep it running again till until 11pm. (This is only for the bar and a few select stalls near the bar and stage)

We have also extended the show by an extra day so it will run from Thur to Sunday!

The event is FREE to enter and there is plenty of car parking in and around the city…or just use Nottingham’s great transport links by taking either the bus or the tram




  1. Iridescence jewellery are excited to be taking part in all three days of the show.Cannot wait to showcase our new range and share with the people of Nottingham 🙂

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