Four Seasons Pizza – Come and get a pizza this

Love Pizza? Well you’ll love this!

Made to order pizza’s, personalised toppings AND a traditional stone baking oven on the street in Nottingham city centre. Who could as for more?

Four seasons pizza are an innovative new company bringing delicious and tradition Italian pizza to the street food scene. Watching this three man team work in perfect sync with each other is a pleasure to watch and the pizza’s not bad either!

The company was founded in June of this year and is already becoming established around the country as a high quality street food outfit. The stall has a stunning rustic theme which really shows the love and dedication these men have for their business, working hard next to a huge wood oven is a very toasty profession.

All dough is freshly prepared by the trio along with high quality and fresh produce for the pizza toppings, all on show on the stall so you can pick and choose your perfect pizza. Now, you may think from ball of dough to freshly made pizza would take a good ten minutes to be placed, piping hot, in your hands. This is not the case, pizzas are quickly passed through expert hands and into the oven in around 3 measly minutes, talk about fresh fast food!

Our pizza trio are not, as you may have imagined, from catering or Italian backgrounds they are in fact all from engineering backgrounds. This can be seen when watching them methodically and precisely passing pizza down the production line in their stylish marquee.

This seamless partnership of car engineering to unique street food is perfectly summed up here by Wayne, one leg of the pizza tripod, ‘We build the best cars in the world, Bentleys, from Monday to Friday then produce the best pizza and street food experience at the weekend, taking four seasons pizza up and down the length and breadth of the country.’

And if you want some help on choosing the best pizza to taste test here is Wayne’s top tips, ‘We have a menu of true classics,
Our signature garlic bread is truly gorgeous and for more adventurous – our pesto, olive and plum tomato creation is something to behold!’

So get down to the Taste of the Great Notts Show this weekend to get yourself a slice!


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