Fragrance express – Christmas presents solved.

Not only does the Great Notts show offer lots of tasty things but we also have a variety of arts, crafts and something a bit different…room fragrance!

Originally fragrance lamps were used in French hospitals in the late 1800s to purify the air and a few years later designers created aesthetically pleasing bottles for the home. Fragrance Express UK have found a niche in the market and designed a product different from most air fresheners that doesn’t just mask bad odours but also purifies the air too.

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The science behind the method: The stone is warmed when ignited and then fueled by the oil and Fragrance. The air is drawn into the stone where molecules which carry odours are destroyed as well as airborne microorganisms! Luckily Paul and his team have the theory covered and all you have to do is decide from the many aromas and beautiful lamps to choose from!


Here is the exciting bit, Fragrance UK make all of their lamps individual and unique- they come in different sizes so you can have a lamp as bold or subtle as you wish for your home. The lamps are gorgeous and have a mosaic look about them, some of our favourites are; a galaxy from far away, fairy magic and enchanted forest. As well as looking stunning the oils also have a variety of smells and aromas to suit any taste. These include fresh & natural, fruity & exotic, spicy & woody and sweet & floral oils. They have even covered that joyful time of year with a range of seasonal scents so your home can be surrounded my festive figs and cinnamon spice. As well as making lamps, fragrance express also have beautifully crafted mosaic plates if you wanting your lamp to stand out! These guys have done really well at our events in the past and are always happy to help you choose the perfect scent to get rid of common household smells such as tobacco, doggies and cooking!  We are looking forward to welcoming them back at the end of September for our second Taste of the Great Notts Show so be sure to come down and check them out. For any comments of questions for Fragrance Express UK please leave a comment below or contact them via their website.


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