Seas Of Mirth

A pirate band with a a lot of personality, well what do you expect?
Seas of Mirth will be tearing up the stage again at this years Great Notts Show so we caught up with them, squeezing into their very busy schedule for an interview.
First we asked why they chose this event, what draws them to The Great Notts Show?
‘Yamas greek food tent is NEXTDOOR to the main stage. I got an orgasmic whiff of the gyros as soon as we got the offer to play. This is also our first show in Notts since New Year’s Eve, and, since most people were too legless to remember that show, essentially this is our first show in Notts since October!’
Well, that seems a good enough reason to us, I think that may be the first time Yamas has been described that way too.
We went to to as them why they enjoyed performing at local events like this, why do they love a local audience?
‘Our friends can come and watch for free! …this consists of Samantha J Tooley, and 3 other people.’
We are pretty sure they will have more than 4 making there way down to the show on Sunday afternoon to see them, watch this space!
Seas of mirth
We asked what they enjoyed most about last years show, do any of you remember this happening? We do!
‘We got the Fish Man involved in the tug of war last time we played. He tore it up, big style. There were whelks all over the floor, and all of the opposing side were infected with crabs. We’re surprised we were asked back.’
Before they go they wanted us to let you know that they will be playing Glastonbury this year, which is very exciting news indeed! So if you are going to Glastonbury or want to go, check them out this Sunday at 2pm.
Be there or you’ll regret it oooargh you will.
Have you seen Seas of Mirth before? Are you fluent in Pirate talk? We arrrggghhh
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