Johnny Part 3 and a final round up!

So here we are, the eve of The Great Notts Show


We made it, everything is set up, people are ready and waiting and Johnny’s got his hog roast ready to go on at 1am tonight.

photo (1)

As many of you may have seen preparations have begun in Old Market Square, the stage is halfway up and has surprised us all with its huge size! Even more exciting is that some exhibitors arrived at half 4 this afternoon to start there set up, it all feel very real now.

claire tuttey

As you have seen over the past few days we have visited a few of the Kitchen Demo Chefs but alas time has run out, But we can give you a sneak peal into Claire Tuttey, who will be preparing a port and Stilton pate along with really easy home made bread and Nottinghamshire Pork along with herbed potatoes, a delicious menu from The Principal of Manor School of fine Cuisine. Many lessons to be learnt here.

Steve Durham

We also have Steve Durhams menu, he will be making  lamb neck fillet, roasted peppers, charred aubergine and feta cheese. With his 25 years of experience working in top restaurant you don’t want to miss this demo. Steve is passionate about locally sourced high quality produce to create the finest recipes he is so well known for creating.

Johnny Pusztai

And finally, I am allowed to only release this one line for a teaser on Johnny Pusztai’s Kitchen Demo…. there will be puff pastry… and lots of it.


Are you all ready? We are!


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wall sign

We will see you at the Flipside bar!

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