The Music Line Up Day 2!

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Day 2 is going to be another fun filled day of Music, bingo and entertainment!

All kicking off with Josh Kemp at 1pm an artist who has been making music since the tender age of 4 years old, he knows what he’s doing and it’s amazing to watch. Next up at 2pm will be Martin Sanders, a real traditional blues artist. Perfect for a Saturday afternoon.

At 3pm we will be joined by Mecca Bingo for their Rock and Roll bingo.

Then there will be Kasooma at 4pm, a just signed band from Manchester. Followed by Three Girl Rhumba at 5pm a trio of musical geniuses to get you in the dancing mood.

Fans of the breakfast club are joining us next at 6pm, a local band from Nottingham. They will be followed by North Road another local band with a Bluesy feel and esteemed live performances make sure you get down there and see them.

8pm brings the Nottingham based band The Cadets ‘An energetic expression of indie pop rock that makes a man want to dance and a lady want to love that man.’ who could say no to that? They will be followed by rising Nottingham singer Georgie Rose and Band. There has been a real buzz around Georgie Rose for the past year or so, so make sure you get down and see her!

Rounding off Saturday’s timetable is Rob Green another Nottingham local who will be showing you what he can do at 10pm. Locally born and raised Rob has been singing since 5 and has even dabbled in theatre.

What an action packed day!

Have you seen any of these artists before? Who you looking forward to? Let us know in the comments or any of the social media below.

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