Sauces & Brown clothing.

We got a very exciting new arrival to The Great Notts Show yesterday, Sauces & Brown are joining us with their very exclusive 1 of 100 range of shirts and T-shirts.


This local Nottingham company designs unique mens T-shirts and Shirts, adorned with floral prints, unique logo designs and even water pistols. Yes, water pistols! Bizarre as that may sounds it looks really good, in our opinion, and what a conversation starter.


All the designs are made in batches of 100, no more, no less. Meaning if you purchase one of these you will be in a pretty exclusive club, 1 of 100 in fact. You even get a little card on purchase of each garment letting you know what number of 100 you are, that’s pretty exciting is it not.


The company came about on the decision that no one should fork out for something that everyone has. In a World of 6 billion we strive to be different, this company makes that possible. With experience in the fashion industry and watching people hand over stacks of money for average clothing Sauce & Brown was born and tried to change this. Their clothes are affordable, high quality and unique, do you need anymore persuasion?

So, if you want to be 1 of 100 get down to Great Notts Show on thw 13th – 15th of June and become part of the club.

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