I’m Not From London

This years music stage at The Great Notts Show will be hosted by I’m Not From London who have lined up over 20 incredible artists from in and around Nottingham. There will be Pirates, Ukuleles and ear melting talents non stop throughout the event! You can find out who’s on when here, exciting stuff.

I'm Not From London

Will Robinson the Director of I’m Not From London told us “I’m Not From London love the fact that so many different businesses, independent and commercial come together to support the Great Notts Show, it really is a celebration of the fantastic strength and diversity of Nottingham’s community.” We agree, this show may be one of the first performances some of the artists have ever done, so be nice!

They are all absolutely amazing local talent as chosen by Will and co. “We ourselves, love having the opportunity of showcasing the best music acts that we work with every week on an annual platform that introduces them to the whole city.”


I’m Not From London know the GNS well and not only get involved but really enjoy the experience as well. “It’s very apt that the organisers put “Great” in the title of the show as this is exactly what The Great Notts Show is and all our team look forward to it as one of the most enjoyable events we get involved in each year . See you by the Flipside bar!” See you there Will!

Who are you looking forward to seeing the most? Have you heard of some of the local artists? Let us know on the comments or any of the social media below.

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