Help a Nottinghamshire child.

Are you all ready and raring to go? Great Notts Show is just around the corner.


But before we get there we wanted to share with you one of the reasons we do this show is to celebrate all that is great about our fine city of Nottingham. Well you can’t very well celebrate without remembering people struggling, so this event has chosen Help a Nottinghamshire Child as our second Charity to sponsor (the other being Macmillan cancer support).

We haven’t just chosen them because they are Nottingham based we also support the amazing work they do. Their aim is to educate young people on the Law system within this country, helping them learn perimeters and consequences. We think this is an important organisation within the Nottinghamshire area and our profits from The Great Notts Show will go directly to them to help them carry on the work they do.

Nicola Burley, The Director of Enterprise told us ‘We are delighted to be chosen as one of the nominated charities for The Great Notts Show. All the money raised will go directly to help young people of Nottinghamshire to become better citizens for the benefit of us all.’

This charity is helping Nottingham become a safer and nicer place for people to live, who wouldn’t want to support that!

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