Mrs Bishops Doggy Deli

Cherry Barkwells, Barky Rings and and Pawbon Biscuits.
Yes you heard right, Mrs Bishop is joining us at this years Great Notts Show with her wide range of Doggy Deli treats. All the products are home made and they look fantastic!
mrs bishop
This business began in a very loving way, Mrs Bishops sister rescued a dog named Johnny. Johnny sadly had a heart condition so he couldn’t eat anything with salts and sugars. Mrs Bishops sister was able to make Johnny’s meals but he didn’t get any treats, we all know dogs love their treats! So Mr and Mrs Bishop set off on a mission to spoil little Johnny rotten, and they have been making healthy dog treats ever since.
mrs bishop1
Using locally sourced ingredients and healthy recipes with a sprinkling of creative names Mrs Bishops Doggy Deli is a hit. After the recent food scandals within supermarkets and major suppliers people are a lot more wary of what they eat and where it comes from, it should be the same for your pets. Making sure you furry friends are healthy and happy is very important, especially when you don’t want to be given a vet bill costing more than your car!
mrs bishop2
When asked what they loved about Markets and GNS in particular, Mr Bishop told us ‘The interaction between us and the public, other traders and so on can be a real “buzz” which makes people more receptive to ideas and products.  Markets aren’t only about sales – they can be great advertising, information and a wonderful place for showcasing your business, the GNS in particular.  The event really raises the public awareness of so many independent Nottingham firms; independence which can be the real life-blood of any City!’
mrs bishop3
We agree, this show really does bring out all that is great about Nottingham and build a real Community in the City. This year at Mrs Bishops Doggy Deli you should look out for their new range of dried dog food which are Hypoallergenic, natural composition and single protein kibble all only containing the finest natural ingredients to treat your pooch to a real good meal.
Have you tried some of Mrs Bishops Doggy Deli treats with your dog? Do you have any name ideas? Let us know in a comment or any of the social media below.
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