Central College

Central College Nottingham is again proud to be a sponsor of the Great Notts Show.”

central college

Events such as these are so exciting to organise and to take part in, but non of it would be possible without the amazing support and sponsorship we receive from various businesses in and around Nottingham.

This year we are thrilled to have the support from Central College Nottingham once again, Chris Stephenson, the Marketing Manager of Central college told us “It’s a brilliant event to be involved in promoting all that is good about Nottingham and we are looking forward to another fine weekend!”

The show is not only a great event to sponsor it was also a platform for the college to market themselves to prospective students in a fun and inviting way, this year they will be doing the same and more, “Last year we showcased our courses to thousands of people and this time around there will be some new activities for people to get involved in. The College wants to be central to the local community and our involvement allows prospective students to find out what we do and in some cases, have a go at some of the types of courses we offer”

So when you see them this year make sure you get over there and say hello! See what is on offer at the Central College Nottingham and thank them for their huge support to The Great Notts Show.


Did you go to Central College? Or is it one of your choices and why? Let us know in the comments or on any of the social media below.

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