Original Recipes

It’s like Pâté but Better

Those of you who were at The Great Notts Show 2013 may remember Original Recipes, with Granny Mary’s luxury potted beef, which sold out in the first two days!

Platter 2


Well this year they are back, they are not only bringing a lot more stock but they have also developed exciting new flavours. All their products are handmade in small batches to ensure quality and consistency with a very high meat content, just as it should be.

GM new packaging

The 3 new flavours are:

  • Chicken and Ham Hock, described on their website as tender chicken and moist ham infused with subtle herbs and Granny Mary’s Magic Touch.
  • Venison and Port with Blueberries, this one is made with rich venison cooked with a generous helping of port and blueberries then finished to Granny Mary’s high standards.
  • Duck with Orange Zest, this is slow roasted duck infused with a subtle but refreshing tang of citrus, it is described as being surprisingly light.

We have a feeling they may sell out again this year with those delicious new flavours, so make sure you pay them a visit and don’t miss out.



What do you think of the new flavours? Have you tried any yet? Let us know in the comments below.


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