Little Wolf Parade join us at the Great Notts Show in our live arts installation



Line up and artists revealed on our FB page

-Little Wolf Parade Art Events and Productions-


♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ HOME ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

A pop up art installation, a temporary ‘home’ creative’s from all backgrounds over the weekend of The Great Notts Show.

Little Wolf Parade aims to provoke questioning and explore issues. This time forcing the gallery into the streets.

It will be on Smithy Row (outside Primark)

Artists and other creative’s have made work in response to ideas of HOME. From illustration, performance, comedy/theater, poetry, singer/songwriters, sculpture, painting, electronic visuals and lots in-between.

What does HOME mean to you?

Is home simply a place of residence or refuge, where our family lives? Or is it a state of mind, feeling at home, comfortable and safe?

Exploring issues such as homelessness, being housebound, aging, homeland, war, fighting families, babies, hospital, prisons, control and surveillance. Perfect homes, safe places, the place we dance in front of the mirror, put on our faces, cook our food and watch the tele. Telling secrets, growing up, leaving and exploring other lands…. until homesick.

Come and play in our temporary U(dys)topia.
Don’t worry, no one is really watching you….

**Little Wolf Parade is an immersive, multilayered, multi-arts-embracing Live Art venture.

Appropriating new spaces: inside and outside – places are transformed to become a safe house and natural environment of creativity. Artists of all levels and disciplines are entwined alongside one another, to form a journey of discovery for each audience member.

Little Wolf Parade makes viewing temporary artwork a more active experience. Audience members are not passive when observing our delights. Without realising, they are already a part of the Art Work – just by being present with us. LWP create spaces where the boundaries blur, where Artists and audience are brought together explored and celebrated. We experiment, evolve and question.

This is your Parade!
Little Wolf Parade


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