Yamas are announced as our second restaurant at this years show

We are delighted to announce Yamas as our second outdoor restaurant at this years GNS…we have been using Yamas for years and as many its not established as a firm favourite on the Nottingham restaurant scene.

Nestled on Thurland Street you’ll find Yamas, a Mediterranean oasis in the centre of Nottingham!

Yamas, means cheers in Greek and we offer a delicious Mediterranean Tapas and Meze dining in rich, warm, cosy surroundings.

Roughly translated Meze means snack and much like Tapas, a selection of dishes are chosen and sampled to perfectly suit your appetite or the number of people in your party.

Set over two floors, you’ll be spoilt for choice with Yamas’ large selection of freshly prepared dishes including meat, seafood, salads, vegetarian and much more

If you’re looking for a unique, distinctive and cosy environment to relax in, Yamas is the perfect place!


So come and find them at this years show and try some amazing Greek food !





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