Moleface brings roast dinner to the table

Happy does not cut it for me…after chatting with the Moleface Pub Company about the show this year they have told us that they are doing a Sunday dinner in a Yorkshire pudding ! Well I know where to find the staff when they go missing! they are also bring along Salted caramel Ice creams, Pimms Slush/Sorbets, Double choc Sundaes..this should just about round it off off !

John Molnar has assembled a team of some of the finest local hospitality professionals to ensure smooth running of The Moleface Pub Co and the continuation of traditions established at The Chesterfield Pub & Kitchen, The Wollaton Pub & Kitchen, The Lord Nelson Pub & Kitchen and The Royal Oak Pub & Kitchen.

John is the driving force behind the food ethos at The Moleface Pub Co. His commitment to quality and locally sourced, seasonal produce, shines through in the extensive menu.


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