Its Stiff Kitten Time !! – Our Feline Hosts for the the VIP room at the GNS




MISS CHIEF got her paws on a set of decks some time ago, and loves to play a diverse and delicious pick n mix of tunes. From feisty funked up breaks, and old skool hip hop to bursting bubbling hot electro, and pop confection..for all tastes! This creative mingling of styles giving everyone a kaleidoscopic spectacular of sounds to feast on! And always gets the room pumping!

With KITTY KATE, her purrfect accomplice who is keen to experiment and take risks with her unique sound. Her love of dirty beats, electro and big, bouncy breaks never fails to get the room moving and is currently earning her a reputation as one of Nottingham’s raising stars.

No stranger to hard work their dedication has earned them a residencies with the notorious and much respected Nottingham based LEFTLION crew, and at the infamous RESCUE ROOMS, and most recently THE BODEGA SOCIAL, and TANTRA….we love it!*

Alongside guest slots at a selection of Nottingham’s finest music events such as: NOTTINGHAM PRIDE, THE WATERFRONT FESTIVAL, HOCKLEY HUSTLE and OXJAM! As well as venues, inc ROPEWALK, MARKET BAR, CABARET, THE ORANGE TREE, THE MAZE, MALT CROSS,CHAMELEON, THE ANGEL, ESCUCHA, SEVEN, and DOGMA!

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One comment

  1. Cant wait for the stiff kittens and team to play the event! Every Thursday they rock Tantra and once a month they smash the kitty kat out of the social!! Kittens all the way ! 😉

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