Silver Rocks Vodka Beach Bar making it’s only UK appearance in 2012 at the GNS

We are over the moon to announce that Silver Rocks will be attending with their vodka beach bar set up with palm trees and buckets and spades plus beach games

Serving up a selection of vodka cocktails and their special sharing jugs…Silver Rocks will be making there only UK festival appearance this year after signing in to an exclusive deal with us!

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More about Silver Rocks …

…shares with the contemporary and urban world the finest and purest vodka at the pinnacle of Polish refinement.

Created by a team of talented Polish artist and experiential master distiller, Silver Rocks is a Super Premium Polish Vodka with a subtle and unforgettable taste that is true to the Polish Vodka Tradition.

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Silver Rocks, one Vodka but two separate ideas. These are two ideas that represent Silver Rocks Vodka. Like silver, Silver Rocks is smooth, with a taste that shines though, and like rock, it holds true to a strong foundation of Polish tradition.

For Independently minded, confident, non conformist consumers looking for authentic experience, Silver Rocks is the choice vodka brand because only Silver Rocks is focused on delivering the best vodka, at a value.

Silver Rocks prides itself on using traditional distilling methods, but in a modern setting. Silver Rocks is produced in small batches from the best rye harvested in the plains of western Poland. Distilled four times in order to remove impurities while maintaining its intense texture, Silver Rocks is then filtered in charcoal filtration equipment. The process is meticulously monitored by our Master distiller to ensure an exceptional crystal clear and smooth vodka with delicate flavors.


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