The Villainous Sheriff and the Galleries of Justice are going to bringing some medieval fun to the GNS

The Galleries of Justice Museum, home to the Villainous Sheriff of Nottingham, is a museum of Crime and punishment based within Nottingham’s old county gaol with courts dating back to 1375 AD.Voted the most haunted building in the UK!
The Galleries of Justice Museum is home to the Villainous Sheriff of Nottingham and is the only Museum of its kind in Europe! Based at Nottingham’s old county gaol the Museum portrays Nottingham’s horrible history and crime and punishment through performance led tours, audio tours and FREE exhibitions in a fun and interactive environment. Many tours are actor led making the Galleries of Justice

Museum an excellent family friendly attraction and a perfect day out for all ages. You will witness and sometimes even be put on trial in our prestigious Victorian Court room before being sent down to our original prison cells, dungeons and caves where your sentence awaits you! We are not just a Museum! Joint tickets with the City of Caves are available, see website for full details.

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